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July 12, 2012

Chocolate Pretzel Bark

By: Tanya Palovich-Scott, PM Altoona, PA
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Tanya Palovich-Scott

Chocolate Pretzel Bark

Here is a snappy little recipe that can be used as a treat for any occasion.  Simply change the colors of the chocolate and the M&M’s and there you have it, a perfect display and snack for any holiday!

Try these color combos:

4th of July or Memorial Day: White chocolate with red and blue M&Ms

Halloween: Milk Chocolate with orange and black M&M'S

Thanksgiving: Orange chocolate with orange, yellow, and brown M&M'S

Christmas: White Chocolate with red and green M&M'S

Hanukkah: White Chocolate with blue M&M'S

New Year’s Day: I consider this one a free for all- make it as colorful as you want!

Valentine’s Day: Pink chocolate with red M&M'S or vice versa

St. Patrick’s Day: Green chocolate with white M&M'S

Easter: Purple chocolate with pastel M&M'S

Birthdays: use your kids favorite colors in any way you want

The list goes on and on with limitless possibilities.  Try it out and have fun with it.  I am sure the kids will love picking the colors and playing in the chocolate!

 1.    1. Crush Oreos (or similar type of cookies) and a few handfuls of pretzels.  I used 12 cookies and three handfuls.

2.     2. Spread crushed mixture flat out of a baking tray (with wax or parchment paper) or better yet use a silicone mat or silicone baking dish.  The silicone makes this recipe super easy.

3.     3. Melt chocolate.  You can use the melting discs and melt  in  the microwave.  I used a whole bag of the melting discs but you may not want this much chocolate.

4.     4. Spread the melted chocolate over the Oreo and pretzel mixture. 

5.      5. Sprinkle the top with M&M'S.  You can add sprinkles too for extra color!

6.      6. Let the chocolate set. I put mine in the refrigerator.

7.       7. Once set, break the mixture apart into your bark pieces and enjoy!

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