Create a Thankful Pumpkin with Your Children

Start This Easy and Meaningful Tradition as a Family

November 13, 2020

Creating a thankful pumpkin is an easy, yet rewarding experience that every member of your family can contribute to.

Fall pumpkins start to lose their "magic" as the season rolls by. Once Halloween is in the rearview mirror, our pumpkins start turning into pies, muffins, art canvases, etc. Before this happens, however, one is chosen to become our thankful pumpkin.

We take the chosen pumpkin and a few Sharpies and sit down at the patio table, and start to think about what we are thankful for in our current season of life. These things are written around the pumpkin by either myself or one of my daughters, and can include anything from what that child had for lunch, to their siblings and family, their highlights of the year, or anything that might come to mind. Your kids will probably surprise you with the things that make their hearts happy and grateful!

Our 2020 thankful pumpkin currently includes: bugs, grandparents, sunshine, their new baby cousin, blueberries, and a grab bag of other things that make me smile every time I read them. :)

There's plenty of time left this fall to make your own! After your first brainstorming session, remember to keep adding to your thankful pumpkin. Ours is generally pretty full by Thanksgiving and makes a great centerpiece to talk about with friends and family who come to visit!

Have you made a thankful pumpkin with your family? Does your family have a different thankfulness activity that you'd like to share? I'd love to hear about it and possibly feature it on our MacKid Facebook page!