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9News Craft Segment: Tissue Paper Eggs

April 17, 2014

with Suprises Inside

By: Marie Folmar, Macaroni Kid Broomfield publisher
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Marie Folmar
Watch the 9News craft segment:


Tissue paper - cut into strips, squares, or other shapes
Liquid startch
Small, oval balloons
Foam paint brush (or similar)
Candy, small toys, etc.
White school glue
String or yarn

1) Blow up a balloon until it resembles an egg shape. Tie the balloon.
2) Use the paint brush to "paint" the liquid startch onto a section of the balloon.
3) Place pieces of tissue paper over the startch. Continue until the balloon is covered in tissue paper.
4) Use the brush to make sure all of the tissue paper is wet with starch. Apply a second layer of tissue paper to the balloon.
5) Allow to dry several hours to overnight.
6) Cut the stem of the balloon. Cut two slits into the tissue paper to make a flap to allow the balloon to be removed from the middle of the egg.
7) Place items inside the egg. Glue ends of the string to the underside of the flap.
8) Place a double layer of liquid starch and tissue paper over the flap and opening from the balloon stem. Allow to dry.

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